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Many things to report:

Some good, some not so good.
First off, the entire last batch of hatchlings has been moved out.
Two went to a hobbyist in Edmonton. It was the first time I shipped babies - a very interesting experience. Sadly, I have heard that one of them has since died. That is the first time I have had that happen, and I am bummed. I took the other four to the local reptile store.
Bertha laid 5 more eggs while she was out being dry-docked to try and heal up her nasty neck wounds that were the result of mating.
I was worried that not being buried and also being shaken around that the eggs would not be fertile - so far so good - they all banded and are due in a couple of weeks.
She laid another in the dry dock the other day, but I don't think it is fertile.
While I was at the reptile store, the owner pointed out that they had another pair of adults. I have swapped Pia - my other female for this new female, which I have named Ruth.
I am feeling a bit guilty about jettisoning Pia, but hopefully she will find a good home, and hopefully Ruth, will have lots of babies that other folks can then enjoy. (Or is this a big rationalization?)


We have had all six eggs hatch!! For pictures check here


The turtles all are starting to use the ramps onto the beach. Yea!!!

So, we have had our first batch of eggs laid in the new beach - check here

They should be hatching at the end of June. If you are interested, email me


April 23, 2004
The New Setup

I am not recommending anyone try this
- I have no idea of its merits - It is just what I have thought of.

Ok. I am finished what I have come to call "The Habitat".
It is funny how things never look quite the way you expect.
Anyhow here it is.

Now, let me explain what I was thinking…………

I wanted:
· to have a beach that could act as a bridge between the two tanks, allowing the turtles to separate themselves
· to incorporate "trickle filters"
· to muffle the sound of the water, so clients on the phone would stop asking what all the racket was
· to eliminate the UVB radiation of the mercury vapour bulb
· to make the whole setup more attractive

So, what did I do? (you can see all the pictures starting on the bottom row, here)

1 - I built a stand out of two by two's and plywood (painted to prevent rot) to be placed behind the tanks, onto which I could place the two trickle filters
2 - I built two trickle filters see plans here
3 - I built a frame out of two by two's (painted to prevent rot) and covered it with cedar planks
4 - I covered the back stand and any turtle sized gaps on the inside with cedar planks
5 - I framed in the front with two by two's (painted to prevent rot) and left viewing windows at tank level.
6 - I built a top door, hinged from the top and two bottom doors, hinged from the sides. The top door gives the turtles privacy on the beach, stops any turtles going AWOL, and blocks the UVB radiation The bottom doors provide extra storage space for all the extra filters and stuff I have picked up along the way, and also hides the 20 gallon nursery tank
7 - I build a beach out of cedar with ramps to both tanks.
8 - I installeld the beach and lights
So, once again here it is finished (my office is too small for me to get back far enough for a decent view)

So, what do you think?

Friday, Feb 27, 2004
Ok. I have posted some questions to various forums about how to go about designing my new habitat, and I have yet to hear much back.
Maybe I am posting the questions the wrong way?
Perhaps I am asking for too much help?
Anyone with suggestions can send me an email. here
Here is the situation as I have posted it:

And I quote:

I have four emydura subglobosas
I have had some success breeding them.
I plan to build a better habitat for them, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice.
They are currently in 2 80-ish gallon, wide, tanks on stands, each with an Aquaclear 500.
I plan to build a cabinet around them, with two windows for the tank glass.
Above and below the windows will be cabinet doors
Over top, in the enclosed section, I plan to have a beach with ramp leading to each tank.
There will also be the canopies with the grow lights and a mercury vapor heat lamp over the beach.
I had been thinking about building a trickle filter over each, but I am worried about space and weight.
I also have a 40-gallon long (and stand) and a 20-gallon tank.
Could either of those be used as a filter sitting under as opposed to above the two tanks?
Thanks for reading this!
Anybody? Anybody?

Monday, Feb 23 2004
My pal Jason and I spent Saturday night drinking way too much sake and putting togther a new version of the website. The new look is much simpler than before, and I have taken out most of the content.
Currently George, Bertha and Pia are in one tank and Cliff is by himself in the other. I tried George and Cliff together. No fighting, but a lot of confused mating attempts.